Meet Our School Resource Officers

Meet Our School Resource Officers

Most students glance by the resource officers, not thinking twice about how essential they are to the schooling system.  Cherokee High School’s very own resource officers, Officers Clements and Hansbury, have improved the safety of students.

Officer Clements has been in the police force for 18 years now.  She decided to become a police officer when she was young, because she was inspired  by the Adopt A Cop

program at her school, a program in which a police officer would come in a uniform to her school and talk to students. She admired the officer because of the respect he had from her classmates.

Officer Clements decided to work in the Evesham Township  Police Department because she went to school in Marlton. Also,  she wanted to reunite with teachers she was taught by and friends who were becoming new teachers. Officer Clements loves the student atmosphere, but unfortunately it is not reciprocated.

Officer Hansbury has been a Police Officer in Evesham for 13 years.  He made the decision to put on the uniform every day because his uncle was a Police Officer in Camden City, and he always looked up to his uncle. Officer Hansbury couldn’t picture himself in a cubicle or anywhere; rather, he enjoys being outside and dealing with different people everyday.  Also he likes having  all the different responsibilities that transpires with the job. Choosing to work at the Evesham Police Department allowed Officer Hansbury to work with colleagues who cared about the community. Officer Hansbury also liked the enthusiasm for the job that surrounded the department.

Officer Hansbury applied to become a student resource officer because he liked the atmosphere and the lively energy students give off, while also focusing on their education. His duty is to inform students of the dangers and hopefully preventing us from taking the risks. When he’s out on the streets policing, he can no longer demonstrate and teach people to follow the laws and prevent danger.

The most important lesson to be learnt from the resource officer is to not judge a book by its cover.  They are great people who are not working against students with their “rules”, but are rather working to benefit you in the long run.  By just glancing over them, students will not know how delightful the resource officers really are.  They will not only learn that how important their jobs really are, but how much courage they have to take many risk each and every day for US.