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Should students take the AP exam?

College Admission Advice No. 2: Are AP Exams Worth It?

Steven Willi, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

At Cherokee, students who wish to be challenged with advanced coursework have the option to take classes that adhere to the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum. These classes grant many...

Maureen Flavin Sweeney and her husband Ted Sweeney.

Hidden History No. 1: Maureen Flavin Sweeney and the Fate of D-Day

Alexandra Carcel, Editor February 15, 2024

Irish postmistress Maureen Flavin Sweeney is a prime example of an ordinary individual who changed the course of history.    Born on June 3, 1923, Flavin Sweeney was raised in Knockanure, County...

How Travis Kelce Got The Girl

How Travis Kelce Got The Girl

Ella Lipson, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

Once Upon A Time  On July 9, when all the stars aligned, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ended up in the same room, at the same time. Kelce attended Swift's “Eras Tour” at Arrowhead Stadium. On...

Six Spoons remain!

This Week in Spoons Vol. 5: The End is Almost Here!

Lily Barber, Editor-in-Chief February 15, 2024

The week of Feb. 12 was a high-stakes week in the seniors' game of Spoons. Although a winner has yet to arise, this week was full of excitement and tension.    At the beginning of this week,...

Two spoons held in front of a Cherokee Mural.

This Week in Spoons Vol. 4: An Interview with Elena Kelly

Lily Barber, Editor-in-Chief February 7, 2024

Although the class of 2024’s game of Spoons appears to be slowing down, the game is getting even more intense for the remaining players. As tensions run high and interest starts diminishing, here is...

The cover of the Young Adult Classic: The Hunger Games.

Book Corner No. 4: “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

Ireene Otunnu, Staff Writer February 6, 2024

Recently made wildly popular again after the release of the movie adaptation of the novel, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games” is the beginning of a thrilling...

Credit: Taylor Swift

The Next Step In Taylor Swift’s Re-recording Journey: “1989”

Ella Lipson, Staff Writer February 1, 2024

Back To The Beginning  On June 30, 2019, music manager Scooter Braun bought Taylor Swift's first six albums. Scott Brechoota, owner of Big Machine Records (the records Swift signed with) sold the...

The Class of 2024 inches closer to the end of this years game of Spoons.

This Week In Spoons Vol. 3: The End is Coming, Spoon Scoliosis, and Spoon Free Zones

Lily Barber, Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2024

The third week of Spoons has seen an extreme decrease in Spoons gameplay. As students and faculty walk through the hallways, it is becoming less common to see students with plastic cutlery, meaning we...

Despite the inclement weather, the class of 2024s game of Spoons stands strong.

This Week In Spoons Vol. 2: The Frozen Purge

Lily Barber, Editor-in-Chief January 22, 2024

The second week of Spoons has posed new challenges for the class of 2024. This week marked the first round of the game where if players do not capture their target's spoon, they are eliminated from further...

A spoon after making it to the first period of the game.

This Week In Spoons Vol. 1: The Awakening

Lily Barber, Editor-in-Chief January 18, 2024

The class of 2024 is yet another graduating class at Cherokee to continue the legacy of the game Spoons. Although it is unknown how long Spoons has been a tradition at Cherokee, it has cemented itself...

The Lizard That Does The Impossible - Animal of the Month No. 1

The Lizard That Does The Impossible – Animal of the Month No. 1

Logan Richardson, Staff Writer January 4, 2024

The world has millions of terrifying and marvelous animals and some of them are not very known. We all know about cats and dogs, but have you ever heard of the basilisk lizard?  The basilisk lizard...

The cover of the captivating murder mystery, The Maid.

Book Corner No. 3: “The Maid” by Nita Prose

Ireene Otunnu, Staff Writer January 4, 2024

The perfect murder, an unusual array of suspects, and a hotel maid that is watching it all take place. While working her usual day shifts at the Regency Grand Hotel, Molly Grey is held responsible for...

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