Incredibles 2: Predictable Yet Enjoyable



Violet Parr, Incredibles 2

After fourteen years, the sequel to “The Incredibles” has finally hit theaters, leading us to more action, thrills, and plot twists. These characters made their first appearance in November of 2004. This movie picks up right where the first one left off. Superheroes are made illegal after people are hurt during events they have made an appearance at. The Parr family faces many challenges to try to make superheroes legal again. Some challenges include dealing with boys, homework, and cunning people. Family, self-pride, and responsibility are major components of this movie.

As incredible as this movie was, some parts were highly predictable. The most expected part in this movie was what was supposed to be the plot twist. Two new characters were introduced, Evelyn and Winston Deavor. They were part of a telecommunication company and were working with Helen Parr, also known as Elastigirl, to take down Screenslaver and make superheroes legal again. The real identity of Screenslaver was not a surprise to most viewers. The revealing of the antagonist was most likely more astonishing for a younger audience. I however, had my suspicions and ended up being correct. It was a no brainer that one of the new characters would be the enemy.

In spite of its occasional predictability, this movie was still entertaining. One of the most amusing parts of “Incredibles 2” was the humor that the makers of the movie decided to incorporate. This definitely made the movie more enjoyable. One of the most comical parts is when Bob Parr, who is also Mr. Incredible, asks his son why “they” changed math. Humor adds a lighter side to the movie.

Humor isn’t the only factor that makes this movie fun to watch. “Incredibles 2” is fairly relatable. For instance, Flash Parr has problems with his math homework. Being students, we can relate to this because at some point in our lives we have struggled with our homework. Violet Parr experiences boy troubles, which many people can relate to as well. Being relatable engages the audience because they can connect with the characters. I was very fond of this movie and there was not one boring moment.

The main theme of both the “Incredibles” movies is family. We all have conflicts with family and the Parr family is no different. “Incredibles 2” is a wonderful movie that is suitable for all audiences. This movie is filled with adventure and thrill. I was amazed that a movie aimed for a younger audience managed to entertain me in such a way. I suggest viewers to buckle down, grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

4/5 Feathers