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What We’re Watching in Quarantine: Keeping it Interesting While Social Distancing

What We’re Watching in Quarantine:  Keeping it Interesting While Social Distancing

Katherine Nikolau, Editor

May 22, 2020

In a time where direct contact with the outside world is limited, it can be comforting for those dealing with quarantine to disappear into imaginary worlds. Some have been catching up on reading. Others have been snuggling with family, rewatching old movies. For the most part however, binging TV series...

Miss Americana: An In-Depth Look at Taylor Swift

Courtesy of Netflix

Grace Norris

February 27, 2020

Netflix recently produced a documentary about Taylor Swift in which she describes what she has been doing for the year that she was out of the public eye. The documentary dives into her past: when she first started out as a musician, how she grew as a musician, and the challenges and problems she has...

Knives Out: Whodunit at the Theater

Knives Out Poster at AMC Marlton 8

Javid Labenski, Staff Writer

February 27, 2020

Near the climax of Rian Johnson's murder-mystery movie Knives Out, private detective Benoit Blanc, as portrayed by Daniel Craig, describes the ongoing case with a confusing anecdote concerning donuts. This quote summarizes perfectly what Knives Out is like: convoluted at times, but consistently origin...

TikTok vs. Vine

February 7, 2020

Today, with over 33 million downloads, TikTok has gained extreme popularity with young people across the world. TikTok which was formerly known as is a video sharing service that allows users to create 15 to 60-second videos with music or make up their own original content. Users can also use sou...

Is JoJo Rabbit Just A Movie About Escapism or Does It Provide A New Perspective On Anti-Semitism?

Is JoJo Rabbit Just A Movie About Escapism or Does It Provide A New Perspective On Anti-Semitism?

Celeste Yeany, Staff Writer

February 7, 2020

"JoJo Rabbit," featuring Taika Waititi, Roman Griffin Davis, Scarlett Johansson, Thomasin McKenzie, Sam Rockwell, and Rebel Wilison tells the story of a young German boy, Roman Griffin Davis, finding his way in a nationalist, WWII ridden Germany. When he discovers his mother, a supposed devotee to th...

Frozen 2 Leaves You With Chills

Movie Poster for Frozen 2

Renisha Parikh, Staff Writer

February 6, 2020

In 2013, two royal sisters, one with magical powers, and a lively snowman entered our lives, among other enchanting characters. Frozen was a remarkable movie that made a huge impact on children of all ages. Not only was it an entertaining movie, but it was one that included many valuable life lessons. In ...

Harriet: A Story Everyone Should Know

Theatrical Release Poster

Katherine Nikolau, Section Editor

December 5, 2019

"Harriet," released on November 1, 2019, beautifully captures the extraordinary life of abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. The film begins with Harriet’s life as a slave and follows her from her escape to freedom as well as everything that came afterward. Harriet’s accomplishments in guiding countless ...

Parasite: A Masterpiece of Crazy Korean Satire

Parasite Theatrical Release Poster

Javid Labenski, Staff Writer

December 5, 2019

At first look, Korean director Joon-Ho Bong’s new film "Parasite" may not look like much. The story is one of two families in different social classes whose lives clash by fate. Yet, a deeper investigation shows a multi-layered film that tells a dreamlike parable of class inequality in modern-day Sou...

One Contest Brings New Life to a Bookstore

Display at Inkwood Bookstore

Javid Labenski, Staff Writer

October 17, 2019

On September 15, 2019, Inkwood Books, an independent bookstore in Haddonfield, N.J., held An Evening with Amor Towles. Sponsored by publisher Penguin Random House, An Evening with Amor Towles brought a famous author to a small-town independent bookstore, which many thought would never happen.  In Apr...

Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark Takes Viewers on the Thrill of a Lifetime

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Movie Poster

Katherine Nikolau, Section Editor

October 17, 2019

Everyone remembers the sheer terror that ran down their spines as they saw their first horror movie. That one movie causes half of the population to vow off scary movies forever while the other half embraces the terror.  “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark," a collection of short, horror-themed sto...

A Stranger Summer

Stranger Things Season Three Poster

Hannah Kent, Staff Writer

April 29, 2019

Looking for a new show to binge watch? Netflix’s original series, “Stranger Things,” is coming out with a third season said to air on July 4th 2019. The original cast is all said to be returning with its Independence Day themed poster featuring main characters, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown,...

This Book “Educated” the Audience

This Book

Monica Morissey, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

“Educated” by Tara Westover is a memoir which explores the triumphs and tribulations of her unique life.  Living in in rural Idaho, her parents disregarded traditional schooling and adopted a rather transcendentalist ideology with a hint of twisted mormonism. Westover craved something that is easily...

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