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7-Eleven Taquitos are the most Underrated Food that You Have Never Tasted

Its Right Here

Alex Shamet, Staff Writer

Many consumers often look for good foods at low prices, and one such example is the 7-Eleven taquito. It can be found at any given 7-Eleven convenience store, and while the ordinary presentation of the establishment may turn some people off, those who judge foods on more than just where they are sold will find a food with a taste that can rarely be found elsewhere. For the price of less than one dollar, people may question the quality of the taquito, but this questioning is completely unnecessary, as it possesses a taste that is not equivalent to anything else that I have ever eaten before. It may not have the high quality taste that high-end restaurants have, but what it does have is a taste that will be satisfying at the least, and miraculous at best.

Luckily for those who want to enjoy these taquitos, they come in three different flavors: taco and cheese, buffalo chicken, and monterey jack. These three flavors are wildly different in taste and quality. I will personally admit that trying the buffalo chicken taquitos is not advisable, but the other two flavors are the what is really worth trying, with the taco and cheese taquito being the best. The monterey jack taquito has a different taste, with a little more kick than the taco and cheese one. For those who enjoy spicy foods as a novelty, but do not like foods that are needlessly spicy and flavorless, the monterey jack taquito provides a balance of flavor and spice that will satisfy. The authentic cheese and meat inside makes it taste like a homemade taco with more expensive ingredients, and the taquito’s encasement makes it easily consumed. All of these taquitos are also made fresh on the spot behind a transparent glass window. A grill rotates them for even cooking. My only complaint with the taquitos is that they can be too hot. Often, they are so fresh that my friends and I will need to wait for them to cool off before eating them in order to avoid burning our mouths. Luckily for us though, these mini burritos strike the balance perfectly between being small enough to carry and transport and being big enough to be filling.

Another great aspect of the 7-Eleven taquito is the costumer service that it comes with. Shedding the notion of the bored, rude cashier, all service at 7-Elevens is fast and friendly, and my mother and I often have pleasant conversations with the cashier. Often giving discounts on foods like taquitos after the purchase purely out of the kindness of their hearts, the service crosses the line from great to exceptional. In the end, whether or not one can enjoy the taquito comes down to their personal taste. While some may view themselves as too good for the simple taste of a 7-Eleven taquito, others who don’t mind enjoying one of the best quick snack options in the area will find that the 7-Eleven taquito is a great option at any time or occasion.


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