The Focus on Fidgeting


Francis Agnes

Fidget Spinner

Recently, fidget toys have become the new obsession for many people nationwide. While these toys are incredibly addictive, they are also beneficial in many ways when it comes to learning. Fidget toys are proven to help people stay focused and attentive while doing work and have also been proven to lessen anxiety and stress. To add to that, they are incredibly affordable and they are also not directed only towards children, like most toys are. Fidget toys can come in many different forms, the most popular being the spinner. These toys allow you to keep mindlessly busy at all times, which is proven to possibly help with learning. Some say that the fidget toys can be distracting in classroom while others believe the opposite. In my opinion, they are useful and advantageous when it comes to concentration. A recent study has concluded that fidgeting can also be used to help those with ADHD, making it easier for them to pay attention to what they are doing. All in all, whether these toys are used just for fun or to improve learning, there is no doubt they are a new craze for many. Fidget toys are easy to acquire and fun to use.