Head to Med for Students Considering Medical Professions


The Head to Med Club offers Cherokee students the opportunity to explore careers in the medical field. Once a month, various medical professionals, invited by the club, talk to students at Cherokee after school about their journey to success. They share their struggles and stories of what brought them to their career choice and give personal opinions about the medical world. By listening to these stories, students may have a “clearer head” about the future.

While the club assists students deciding which career they would like to pursue and can help them design a plan to achieve their goal. Head to Med can also expose students to careers that they hadn’t previously considered. One of the co-advisors, Emma Rowlands says, “By joining Head to Med, students have the opportunity to learn about various types of doctors, as well as other jobs of that sort such as nursing and physical therapy, from professionals in those fields. I’m sure a lot of students are overwhelmed by all the job possibilities out there, and joining Head to Med gives them the ability to see what things they might be interested in.”

A previous meeting on December 7 featured Dr. Mathew, a pediatrician. She told students about how her love of biology got her interested in the medical field and about her journey to medical school. She even gave an in-depth look into what a pediatrician actually does. Emma Rowlands described Dr. Mathew’s job as, “More than just the flu and annual check ups!”

If you are interested in joining Head to Med, the club advisor is Mr. Dilks and the next meeting is January 31, after school in GG209. The club is free for all to join and does not require a participation fee.