COVID-19 Canceled Snow Days


Poster from the LRHSD Website

Snow days are what can be considered a “day off.” A snow day is a school day that is cancelled because there is too much snow on the ground for snow plows to clear, which makes students, teachers, and faculty unable to get to school. On these days, there are no classes and students stay home, relax, meditate, listen to their favorite podcasts, or whatever else they desire. There have been fewer snow days over the past few years, but this year, there will not be any at all.

Due to COVID-19, the LRHSD school district has created “Let it Snow.” Let It Snow is the district’s plan to have students and staff participate in a virtual single-session school day during inclement weather events. According to the district, this virtual single session day will still allow students to enjoy the snowy weather. In addition to enjoying the weather, students will not have to make up these school days during the summer, and graduation will remain as scheduled. 

While the weather-related virtual days are in place, schools will follow the regularly scheduled day number for that date as indicated in the A/B Hybrid Rotating Schedule. Just like a normally scheduled remote day, students will be required to sign-in to Genesis for attendance by 8:45 am. The next in-person day following the snow day(s), will continue with the A/B Hybrid Rotating Schedule (for example, snow day on Day 2A, and the following in-person day is Day 2B).