Is There an Imposter Among Us?

“Among Us” is the hottest and most popular game on the market right now. But what exactly makes this game so popular and fun? Why is it fun to lie to your friends?

Innersloth created “Among Us”  in July 2019, but with only a couple of downloads at the time since no one knew about it yet. In September 2020, people started to play this game and shared it with their friends. The downloads doubled in just one month. 

“Among Us” is a murder mystery game involving 10 people, called crewmates who are on a ship in space. These crewmates are innocent and have tasks to do around the ship from fixing electrical wires to fueling the engines to shooting asteroids with the canons provided on the ship. However, there are up to three imposters among the ten crewmates. The imposters depend on the server you’re in. The imposters have to locate and kill all crewmates in order to score a victory. When the imposter(s) kills someone, they leave a body for someone to discover. Once someone discovers the body, a meeting is called to vote someone out of the ship. This goes on until the number of imposters is equal to the number of crewmates, or until the imposters are voted out. The crewmates can also finish their tasks in order to win. 

The fun part about this game is that you can play with up to 10 people and can all discuss who the imposter is. You can also lie about who you are and where you were at the time of a murder, and your friends won’t even be able to tell (unless you’re a terrible liar). 

The game is only $5 on Steam, an online platform, or you can get it free on mobile for a little less quality. Many people have recommended it and it’s popularity continues to increase. If you are ever going to play this game, play it with friends as the fun is tripled.