Nintendo Is Switching Up How Games Are Played

Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is the newest popular gaming system by Nintendo. People everywhere are raving about the Switch, and its delightful features. The Nintendo Switch has Joy-Con controllers that slide on and off. These controllers have wrist straps to provide more control over the device. There is also a social share button that allows players to take and post pictures. Games played on the Nintendo Switch include the Mario games, Xenoblade Chronicles, and of course, the most popular, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game system has three different game modes: docked (TV), handheld and tabletop. This is extremely advantageous because it is portable, unlike other similar systems. The tabletop version includes a kickstand that comes out of the back of the tablet and the Joy-Con controllers. Other great features are that the battery life is long-lasting, one can charge the device on the go, the screen is of high quality, and despite the seemingly complicated variety of parts to put the Switch together, setting it up is actually very simple. Unfortunately, though the excitement about this new device is rising, there are also some less enjoyable features to it. Apparently, according to some users, the kickstand that is supplied with the tablet is feeble and breaks off easily. Furthermore, there is only 32 GB built-in storage space, and not many new games were launched with the Switch. What users are most unhappy about is the cost of the game. Many people have said that the Nintendo Switch and its accessories are much too expensive. Despite the disadvantages, however, the Nintendo Switch is still a big hit everywhere and for all ages.


Rating: 4 feathers