Review: Moana

Disney’s new Polynesian inspired movie, Moana, has without a doubt impressed many people with its whimsical storyline and catchy songs. Since the movie is set on an island with its own unique culture and traditions, Moana brings diversity into the world of Disney.  This movie follows a girl whose curiosity reaches beyond the waters of her island.  Moana’s home is slowly dying and it is her job to save it as she sets forth on a journey looking for the legendary Maui, whom is the solution. The characters of this movie are relatable and easy to love. I can’t help being attached to their individual stories.  Moana also has excellent animation, which includes hand drawn as well as some of the best water animation Disney has produced. For me, the music was one of the best parts.  Staying true to the Polynesian inspiration, the music includes elements from that culture.  Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina, the songs are never at a loss for witty lines and enchanting music.  All in all, Moana grasped my attention from the second it began, as it did for many others.  A movie with elements of magic and friendship, Moana is not a movie to be missed.