Small Club, Big Ideas


Student Seminars emerged last year at Cherokee High School as a club for students to discuss issues that resonate with them. Nick Abraldes and Bryce Wagner, advised by Mrs. Polites, are leading a club that provides an open forum for students to contemplate, challenge, and discuss issues. Nick wanted to find people who shared his ambitions, saying “I had the desire to talk about big ideas– to debate, to learn, and to grow.” One controversial topic that is often brought up is the value of good grades in our education system. This topic is one example of the many discussions relate that to students’ lives. Student Seminars, while still a small club at Cherokee, plans to transition from open student discussion to presentations by those with a passion for engaging in complex ideas. Space is open for all, the loud and opinionated, those who get fired up about topics, and people who genuinely just have something to say. A friendly environment is awaiting all those interested and willing to step into D101.