TikTok vs. Vine



Today, with over 33 million downloads, TikTok has gained extreme popularity with young people across the world. TikTok which was formerly known as Musical.ly is a video sharing service that allows users to create 15 to 60-second videos with music or make up their own original content. Users can also use sounds created by other TikTokers. Aside from TikTok’s success, many people think that it will never live up to the older video-sharing service Vine.

Vine, like TikTok, was a video sharing service that lets users make six-second Vine videos with an original sound they created. Vine was run by Twitter in 2013 and reached over 200 million users. It was shut down in 2017 because they ran out of money to pay their staff. Videos on Vine were popular, but they were only 6 seconds long so people lost interest.

Before TikTok, the app was called Musical.ly which was released in 2014. Then, in 2017 a new company bought Musical.ly and renamed it TikTok. With almost 500 million active users, you are sure to find something you will like on TikTok. The app includes a ‘For You’ page, where you can scroll endlessly watching recommended videos based on which videos you watch and the accounts you follow.

Also important to TikTok are the trends. The trends on Tiktok range from dancing to art or crazy things that could even be dangerous such as the Tide Pod challenge. One recent trend on TikTok that was on fire was the Renegade dance to “Lottery” by K Camp. One teenager even became famous overnight from posting a video of herself doing the dance. One thing that makes TikTok different from Vine, is the original sounds. On Vine, no one can copy your original sound but on TikTok, anyone can use it and call it their own. 

Vine was founded in June 2012 and then handed over to be run by Twitter. Vine was an app that allowed users to share short 6 second videos of their original content. Many users who became famous from the app called “Vine Stars,” discontinued using Vine after their success. Although there was some good content and some of the videos were funny, they were really short. Lots of videos from Vine ended up in compilations on YouTube such as Try Not to Laugh videos. Vine ended in January of 2017 due to Twitter running out of money to pay its staff. They also weren’t able to keep up with Instagram after they introduced videos.

Vine and Tiktok are video sharing apps that will always be remembered by today’s teens. But, the debate on which one is better is still on. Tiktok or Vine?