Football Season or Clown Season? Cherokee Attempts to Tackle Shawnee


Always a Chief Twitter

2020 Student Section at Cherokee v. Shawnee Football Game

Everyone at Cherokee knows who our biggest rival is. Since the dawn of time, Shawnee and Cherokee have had it out for each other. No matter the competition: student section size, football team victory, etc, the two schools always have a massive spit fire. 

September 13, 2019: Cherokee v. Shawnee at the Cherokee Bowl. You were either there or you were squared. Before the two teams had even entered the stadium, there was already “beef” being shared amongst social media. 

New this year is the addition of high school run Barstool pages. One student took it upon themselves to start an account for their respective school and now, Instagram is going wild. 

Shawnee calls Cherokee clowns, Cherokee calls Shawnee clowns, and no clear winner of the clown debate has been announced. Posts continue to be thrown out left and right by @barstoolshawnee and @barstoolcherokee, and before the game, @barstoolshawnee went as far to set their tailgate in the Main Lot at Cherokee High School while @barstoolcherokee gathered in Cherokee’s senior lot.

No major events can be reported from either tailgate, however, the stands on both the home and away sides of the bowl were packed. By seven o’clock, both crowds were fired up.  

It was a wild game, the scores were low, and the board was tied for what seemed like forever, but in the end, the Chief’s just could not get it done, losing to Shawnee, 6-17, and the rivalry even worse than it was before. 

Since September 13th, both barstool accounts have been taken down due to copyright. The social media rivalry may have been ended, yet the fire of conflict will never be put out.