Students Explore New Opportunities at Job Fair


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Promotional Poster for the Student Job Fair

The annual Student Job Fair is being held at the Lenape Regional High School District’s Lenape High School on March 14, 2019, The job fair is open to all students, fifteen and older, and the district welcomes anyone interested to attend.

The Job Fair will take place in Lenape’s North Gymnasium where students will have the opportunity to meet with local business about possible volunteer opportunities as well as paid employment opportunities. All that is asked of students is to dress in business casual and bring along a copy of their resume. The Job Fair will also feature a station for students to receive and complete working papers.

Wondering which businesses will be at the job fair? Some of the confirmed businesses/employers are McDonald’s, Six Flags Great Adventure, ShopRite, Chick Fil A, and Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor/Outdoor Water Park. If interested in seeing more of the registered employers as well as looking at job requirements, click on the following link: Job Fair Businesses Registered – Google Docs & Spreadsheets–xWm_…