Spirit Week Brings Competition Among Students


Dayna Schubert

Stephanie Wong (Left) and Lauren Bayzath (Right)

The week leading up to Cherokee’s Annual Homecoming Dance was filled with intense competition between all four grades. Each day was designated a different theme and the halls of Cherokee were jam packed with crazy costumes. Monday was red, white, and blue day, Tuesday was sport jersey day, Wednesday was fictional character day, Thursday was throwback day, and Friday was either an orange or white out depending on your grade. This year, freshman and seniors were Team Orange and sophomores and juniors were Team White. All four grades were assigned a hallway to decorate with a certain theme and the seniors killed it with their “Under the Seanior” theme. It was announced during Friday’s Pep Rally that the seniors were the winners of the hallway decorating as well as the winners of the spirit week competitions along with the freshman. For the past two years, the seniors have gone all out as way to celebrate the end of high school which gained them extra points to beat out the sophomores and juniors. Spirit week is one of the most competitive times of the year and some teachers stay completely neutral just to avoid being caught up in all of the shuffle. I guess all is fair in love and spirit week!