New and Old Traditions Unite in Black Panther


The heavily anticipated film from Marvel Studios, “Black Panther,” was released on Feb. 16, 2018 and has since been receiving well-deserved positive buzz from inspired and awed fans and critics ever since. The movie focuses on T’Challa, a prince from the fictional African country Wakanda, who is crowned king after his father’s death. While ascending his throne, T’Challa faces challenges and is forced to encounter enemies from the past. He is placed in a position to fight for his people and his nation while battling grief from the loss of his father.

After seeing “Black Panther,” many left the theater with a feeling of amazement. There is a wonderful focus on the culture of African countries; something that is not seen often in film. The traditions of the people of Wakanda are interesting and add depth to the overall plot of the film. The special effects of T’Challa’s suit and the car chases that occur are also very well executed, which makes the movie all the more enjoyable. There are a handful of action-packed fight scenes that encourage applause in the theater. One of the best aspects of the movie is the unexpected humor that is laced throughout the film. The bits of humor that are added at such perfect and surprising moments trigger laughter after intense scenes. Every character has something special and significant to offer and there is not a second when viewers could feel bored.

While the storyline of “Black Panther” is engaging and exciting, the racially diverse cast has allowed the movie to serve as a key moment in the rise of diversity in media, and it is that aspect that leaves the film’s greatest impact on viewers and has allowed it to be welcomed warmly by people looking for a milestone change in the Hollywood industry.  Superhero films, especially Marvel movies, have had a record of ignoring minority actors.  Audiences have witnessed countless white superheroes represented as role models, and finally seeing a black main character that is not given a small role or the role of the villain is refreshing and empowering.  “Black Panther,” a movie with cast members of several African descents, has taken the first step in accomplishing changes in the film industry and drawing attention to an underrepresented race.

The main issue with the movie is its use of vibranium. Vibranium is a fictional substance that has many useful powers such as healing and strength. While the substance is innovative and interesting, it does seem like the plot relied on it a little too heavily, almost to a point of convenience. While this was an issue, it did not take away from the film.

Overall, “Black Panther” is a masterful film that has encouraged black empowerment and change in Hollywood. It has has been receiving massive amounts of praise from its impressed critics and audience members. “Black Panther” is an unforgettable movie full of unforgettable talent that will leave the audience with a new favorite superhero.

5/5 Feathers