Student Council Elections

On April 4 and 5, Student Council held their annual elections for next school year’s president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Exactly 233 members of the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes headed to both cafeterias to place their votes.

The Cherokee Student Body elected Lindsay Mullen to be our newest Student Council President and Ashwin Mahadevan to be her Vice President. Additionally, Asher Hong was elected Secretary and Nicholas Colucci was elected Treasurer. All four candidates are very excited for the upcoming school year. They hope to impact Cherokee and all of its students by bringing the school closer together and by igniting Cherokee pride. 

Our new President, Lindsay Mullen, will be a senior next year and is extremely excited about leading our school. She decided to run for president because she noticed a lack of school spirit and a lack of a family atmosphere in Cherokee. She wants to use her voice to get the underclassman involved. Regardless of your grade level, she wants you to feel a part of our school’s community. For this reason, she has created No One Eats Alone. No One Eats Alone is a new program that has members of Student Council walking around each day during Lunch and Learn to ensure that not a single person feels left out or alone. Next year, she hopes that she can leave her imprint on our school by creating a tighter knit Cherokee family.

Our new vice president is Ashwin Mahadevan. Ashwin will also be a senior next year and wants to use his voice to make a change here at Cherokee. He noticed that the school spirit and Cherokee pride is down and wants people to come together. Much like Lindsay, he wants all four grades to feel equal and properly represented in our school. He wants to create events to bring in the incoming freshman and make them feel at home in our hallways. After his time as VP, Ashwin hopes to have made a difference with all of us by bringing us closer together and ensuring Cherokee is like a home away from home.

Last but not least, we have Asher Hong. As Cherokee’s secretary, she hopes to make people more aware of all of the possibilities here at Cherokee. She notices our school’s flaws and wants to bring us all together. She wants to put Student Council out there and make the club a top leader here at Cherokee. She would love to add some new events to Cherokee’s social calendar and ignite a Cherokee pride in all of us. After her secretary run, Asher hopes that more people are involved in the school and that we are one united student body.    

The upcoming school year is going to be filled with change and a more united front. Get excited Chiefs because change is coming!