Beauty and the Beast Preview

As children, there is no doubt that the students of Cherokee High School were familiar with the enchanting story of Beauty and the Beast. Girls and boys all over the world love the story of the brave, intelligent, and beautiful Belle who sacrifices her own freedom for her father’s. They watch as she falls in love with the personality of the Beast, regardless of what he looks like, and how she manages to try and live life to the fullest with books and music. Beauty and the Beast teaches people that bravery, internal beauty, and intelligence comes in countless forms. So what better way to make this story more well known than to remake the Disney movie with some of the most well known actors and composers in the world?

On March 17, 2017, Beauty and the Beast premieres, starring Emma Watson, an Oxford graduate and women’s rights/human rights activist. The music is composed by Alan Menken, a famous musical theater and film and music composer. With actors and music as good as this, Beauty and the Beast seems like it will be the new obsession of movie lovers everywhere.

A prime reason for why this retelling of Beauty and the Beast is so important is that it teaches people valuable lessons, some of them being the importance of reading and the perseverance of women. Although Belle is told that reading is not meant for women,  that doesn’t deter her from learning more and growing as a person. When Belle is faced with the choice of staying safe at home or helping her people, she allows herself to be taken prisoner, showing that bravery comes in all forms, not just fighting with swords and weapons.

The highly anticipated movie of the year will definitely be Beauty and the Beast due to the nostalgic and heartfelt storyline.  Fans have waited 26 years for a reboot, now with live action.  Although this may seem like a cheap and easy way for Disney to get revenue, the cast and crew are all the proof needed to show that it is a high budgeted movie with great action.