Present: An Overview of President-Elect Donald Trump


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People of the United States with conservative values have decided to side with Donald Trump in this year’s election, and many are enthusiastic about agreeing with his stances. Trump’s ideas for the future of the United States have been constantly talked about over the past year leading to the election.  One of the “visions” Trump has for America’s future is one with a stronger, larger, military, even if the government already spends almost 600 billion dollars of the 1.1 trillion dollar budget on armed forces, as said by the National Priorities Project.  Donald Trump, a man who has been raised in in the lifestyle filled with leisure and wealth, aims to cut taxes for businesses and corporations so they can “fund their businesses” to create an influx of money, in hopes the funds trickle down to benefit the working class of America.  He also plans for the tax cuts to be the biggest since Ronald Reagan’s tax cut in the 1980’s, to make things easier for businesses and middle-class people.  However, this plan initially caused a recession in 1981 and 1982. Does that really make it effective?  The famous ‘Build a Wall campaign’ created the idea of American Pride, luring the people of America into his patriotic values, and immediately gained popularity.

The several controversial ideas Trump has implemented into his campaign have sparked more than popularity, but fear as well.  Topics that were discussed in the recent debate including the “stop and frisk”, which was once instituted in New York City, and the Second Amendment’s meaning in relation to the US’s gun safety laws.  The “stop and frisk”, while doing its job of lowering gang rates, was ruled unconstitutional and implied ignorance and racial profiling.  By Trump supporting this idea, it could infer that he agrees with the unsafe and discriminatory treatment of others.  And while many people in the United States use their guns for recreational purposes such as hunting and even just for show, the controversy still stands. It is up to the population of America to determine whether or not it is safe for someone to guard himself with a lethal weapon while others turn them in after being searched can be seen like an unfair distribution of rights.


The election results made clear which social and economic ideals are more favored by the people’s votes. The question of whether or not Donald Trump’s values align with the majority of voters was answered on Election Day, November 8. It is important for all of those eligible and registered to vote to continue to vote in every election in order to create what they think is a better future for the United States government.