Cold Runnings


The season for winter track is upon us. Indeed, track may be challenging enough in temperate weather, but during the cold winter season, it may prove even more of a challenge. However, this doesn’t deter some Cherokee students from enjoying running in the harsh winter environment. “I know people view running as intimidating and hard, but once you get into it and find a rhythm it can be like poetry in motion and you’ll get hooked on it and never want to stop,” says junior athlete Matt Smith. 

Once you get into it and find a rhythm it can be like poetry in motion.”

— Matt Smith

Indeed, running is great exercise, and training for track is no cakewalk either, as preparing for a meet in a cold climate is not as easy as training in sunny weather. But, there are some positives to it. One benefit from running in the cold is that more calories are being burned because of shivering. However, if one can only handle so much cold, the track meets are indoors.

Simply being a part of a team is a positive, as well. Running with one’s friends and making new ones is an amazing experience, or, as junior runner Taha Rana claims, “Running with my friends is probably my favorite part of doing track.” Of course, it might be too late to join winter track, but there is always next year, and spring track is right around the corner. If you’re interested in running or want to get into it, this may be the sport for you; even if you’re not interested in joining, it’s always nice to come out and support your fellow Cherokee Chiefs and watch a meet.