Pros and Cons of iPhone 7

Every year, Apple users wait in anticipation for the newest iPhone to be released. This year, the world was introduced to the iPhone 7. Apple has made many subtle changes to improve the iPhone experience. On their website they listed their claims, which include: a new camera system, a longer battery life, stereo speakers, a brighter display, and water resistance.  In addition, Apple also decided to remove the headphone jack. This a drastic and controversial change. Removing the headphone jack frees up some space on the phone but also creates a great inconvenience.  As a result, many music lovers were not happy with this modification. The headphones or earbuds that they loved could no longer be used with the same ease. Consumers will now be forced to use wireless earbuds or use the adapter. The adapter came with its own set of problems– only one lightning plug is available for charging a phone.  This means that using wired earbuds are no longer possible. This issue could be overcome by buying a separate adapter which has two lightning plugs. Users of the iPhone 7 would end up carrying around more cables than those who own older iPhones. Although Apple’s newest iPhone has some great features, removing the headphone jack was a downgrade rather than an upgrade.