Are CAP Credits Worth It?


As soon as a student enters Freshman year, their college and future career plans are immediately questioned. But, as Sophomore year rolls around, students can earn college credits by just enrolling in normal Cherokee courses. The College Acceleration Program (CAP) at RCBC includes normal high school classes like English, Psychology, Spanish, History, Chemistry, and Statistics that can be turned into somewhere between 3-8 college credits by getting just a “C” in the class. The great part about it is that the fees only range from $150-$300, which is huge discount from the regular cost of college classes. Taking advantage of this opportunity has many benefits such as starting an adult life with financially conscious habits, completing required courses for much less money, and most importantly, indicating a student’s future success in a higher, more advanced education. A large portion of Cherokee’s population has tried the program and especially if they plan on attending RCBC following senior year, it becomes extremely convenient to have some basic prerequisites out of the way. Another option in starting an early college education is to take high school classes during the summer, solely for the purpose of completing as many classes as possible at a discounted price. The only downside is the possibility of credits not transferring to specific (4 year and more expensive) schools, but the issue can easily be addressed with a phone call to the admissions office to ensure that credits are not being wasted.