All About Creed III

The Rocky movies are not only regarded as a staple in Philadelphian tri-state culture, but also as a staple in classic movies. The story of Rocky Balboa, the “Italian Stallion” who rose to fame after going 12 rounds with famed boxer Apollo Creed and then beating him by knockout, is one for the ages. Everyone knows the famous steps Balboa ran up, and the love story of Rocky and his eventual wife, Adrian, is among one of the best movie romances ever. 

Despite not being the main protagonist in the movies, Apollo Creed was the hottest boxer in the industry before Balboa stole the crown from him. He maintained his status as one of the best even after his loss, and even started a friendship with Rocky by helping him win the fight against Clubber Lang (Mr. T) in Rocky III. Even after his death in Rocky IV, the movie franchise revived his legacy with the wildly successful epilogue movie series featuring his son, Adonis Creed. He is played by Michael B. Jordan, who is one of the most successful up-and-coming actors in Hollywood. 

Jordan got his acting debut in film in Keanu Reeves’ 2001 baseball movie “Hardball,” then went on to land leading roles in hit films such as “Just Mercy” and “Fahrenheit 451,” and his most notable role as Erik Killmonger in the Marvel Universe’s 2018 film “Black Panther.” His experience as an actor allowed him to bring Adonis Creed to life, flourishing through three movies and counting.

The third installment of the “Creed” series follows Adonis (also known as “Donny”) Creed’s success in the boxing industry, as well as the success of his wife Bianca, a flourishing singer and producer, as they begin to navigate life as parents of their daughter, Amara Creed. This film allowed a deeper look into Donny’s rough childhood in the foster care system before he was taken in by Maryanne Creed, the wife of his father Apollo, but not his birth mother. The film also covers his relationship with his childhood friend, Damian “Diamond” Anderson, who is also an up-and-coming boxer, as their juxtaposing futures finally collide one afternoon in present-day Los Angeles. Creed must now rethink not only his career as a boxer, but his role as a father, and confront demons from his past that are forced upon him, whether he wants to or not. This movie was full of laughs and heart, as well as the rekindled fire of a born-to-be fighter, and the rebranding of what the name Creed truly means. 

The soundtrack of this 2023 film includes big names like Kehlani and J. Cole and a cast list including Tessa Thompson as Bianca Taylor and Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson. One notable absence in the film is Rocky Balboa himself since Sylvester Stallone had taken a break from the films, but his character has not yet been cut out entirely. 

This film can be seen in theaters near you, as well as streamed on services such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Redbox, and YouTube.