Cherokee Marching Band is Forging Ahead for the 2023 Season


The 2022 Cherokee Marching Band celebrates winning first place at their State Competition.

On Monday, May 22 at 7 p.m., students and parents gathered in the Cherokee band room for the show reveal and kickoff, an event that marks the official beginning of marching band season. Potential new members were able to talk to returning members about the band, as well as learn a few basic commands. The highlight of the evening was the 2023 show reveal, when a video created by the band’s director, Mr. Stowman, was presented. The 2023 show, Forged, is based on an idea originally intended for the 2020 season.

The 2023 student leadership team was also introduced for the first time on Monday. Although the band had three drum majors for the 2022 season, there will be two this year. Maggie Barber will conduct the band from the podium, and Grace Garafola will be on the field, as well as lead the brass and trumpet sections. Nyla Bhimani has been named woodwind captain and flute section leader, while Caroline Stanley and Sophia Brasch are joint color guard captains. Additionally, percussionists will be led by Travis Falk on the drumline and Keith Paes in the pit. Matt Steele, Stacey Gruber, Kyle Verrone, and Taylor Nabinger will also be section leaders. Finally, this year’s officers are Alex Coffina, Sydney Poinsett, and Lauren Gruber.

The 2022 state championship-winning show Dark Hollow is a tough act to follow, but the band is already excited to perform Forged. Band members will wear uniforms reminiscent of metal workers, while the color guard will have silver and gold hoods not unlike those worn by band members last year. The show has been described as steampunk by some and will feature prominent mechanical sound effects. Two of the show’s three movements, known as the opener and ballad, have already been written and previewed for the band. A prop resembling a kiln will be built and placed in the center of the field during the show.

Rehearsals for the 2023 marching band season are scheduled to start in mid-June, and anyone who is interested in joining the band is encouraged to contact Mr. Stowman. The official 2023 show reveal video, featuring some of the music from the show, is also currently available here. More information about marching band and all Cherokee bands can be found here.