Senior Citizen Valentine’s Dance


Marisa Frustaci

The Senior Citizens have a blast at the Valentine’s Day Dance!

Students Council recently hosted its annual Senior Citizen’s Valentine’s Dance on Sunday, Feb. 12. Due to COVID-19 and the seniors’ weakened immune systems, this was the first time in three years that it was able to happen again. Unintentionally, it occurred on the same day as the Super Bowl, a coincidence that will not happen again. The dance lasted from 2-4:45 p.m. to ensure no one would miss out on their Super Bowl plans. 

This event was hosted by Cherokee’s own Student Council. There were two ways to participate in this event. One could either decorate for the event, be a server and communicate with the seniors, or participate in both. Decorators arrived at noon, whereas servers showed up around 2 p.m. This event was mostly led by the Student Council e-board members and the administrator, Mr. Kelhower. All senior citizens were welcome to come as well as anyone who was able to get a spot on the sign-up sheet posted in Student Council’s Google Classroom.

Decorators began by setting up all the tables and chairs, making dinner, and decorating the once plain North Café. The preparation was a bit chaotic at first, but the volunteers soon became adjusted and learned what to do. Around 1:30 p.m., decorators began to finish up as the first seniors arrived. Servers wore formal attire with colors pertaining to Valentine’s Day such as pink, red, or white. 

Servers started out nervous, as it was their first time participating in or attending the event, but once the music was turned on, many loosened up and some seniors began to dance. Servers started by asking the seniors if they wanted any drinks, which helped to break the ice. After some time of sitting and talking to one another, more than half of the seniors were on the dance floor, all doing the same choreographed dances that would change depending on the song. The servers eventually joined in and followed the seniors’ movements.

Overall, this event was extremely fun and is recommended to anyone in Student Council. If you would like to join student council or have any questions about the club, you can email the advisor Thomas Kelhower.