Was the Sophomore Cotillion an Upgrade or Downgrade from Last Year?


Olivia Zink

Inside the location where this year’s cotillion was held!

January, a normally bland month, was filled with excitement this year. The Cherokee Sophomore Cotillion was scheduled to be held on Feb. 16, and many students began planning for it at the start of the new year. The actual dance brought a lot of fun but some disappointment, too. 

The class of 2025 began to face its first challenge: what was everyone going to wear? Cotillion is fancier than Homecoming but less extravagant than Prom, which lead most sophomores to a confusing start. Considering the new trend of short, sparkling dresses, those were the most commonly worn. However, long dresses could also be seen, too, and many agreed that they were just as beautiful and fitting for the occasion. Most people who chose to wear suits wore classic black jackets with ties. 

On top of the fact that this dance was just for sophomores, it was also to be held off campus, something that had never been done before for the Cotillion. Specifically, it was held at the Mansion on Main Street. The bright and sparkling interior made it clear to the guests why the price was $60 to get in. 

After going up a staircase, students arrived at the main hall. There were tables on both sides of the room, with a dance floor in the middle. While it took some time for people to get comfortable dancing, whenever a good song came on the floor was fully packed with teenagers. 

However, it wasn’t all fun. Many students complained about the noise and the lack of food. There was a buffet table set up upon arrival where students could choose from rolls, carrots, green beans, pasta, roasted potatoes, and chicken parmesan. The portions seemed relatively small to most people, and many were left waiting for the main course to arrive. However, as the night dragged on, it was made clear that the buffet provided the only food. On top of that, the music was almost as oppressively loud as Homecoming. Many complaints were made because it was unexpected for such a sophisticated vendor to be at such a loud volume. Sitting at the tables, it was impossible to hear anyone other than the person directly next to you. 

Even with the complaints, most sophomores had a great time getting dressed up and spending time with friends. This leads to the question of whether or not an off-campus Cotillion will set a precedent in the future, and if incoming freshmen will have a venue to look forward to in their sophomore year.