A Series Like No Other: Phillies Lose in Game Six

Philadelphia has caught a case of baseball fever after the sudden success of the Phillies during their 2022 season. For the first time in eleven years, they entered the postseason, and for the first time in thirteen years, they made it to the World Series. Unfortunately, their efforts were cut short when they lost in game six of the World Series. Regardless, this resurgence in attention surrounding the Phillies has blessed Philadelphia with the positive baseball energy it has lacked for a very long time. 

The road to the World Series for the Phillies was a wildly successful one. Defeating the Cardinals in two games, the Braves in four, and the Padres in five, baseball in Philly was looking bright. Once the time came for the World Series, the Astros were undoubtedly an even matchup for them. Philly won the first game of the series, lost the next, won the next, then lost the next two, bringing their record to 2-3.

Tension began to majorly rise. They were back in Houston for their final games of the season. Despite their unending work and determination, the Astros took the championship title from them. Each and every Phillie deserves commendation for their performances throughout this brilliant season no matter how it ended up finishing. Whether it be the outstanding hitting of Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper or the defense of Alec Bohm and Rhys Hoskins, not a single moment was dull throughout the entirety of the postseason. Phillies fans were invested the whole way through.

The results of Philadelphia’s 2022 baseball season leave us in our current state: enthralled, appreciative, and proud to be a fan of the one and only Phillies franchise. This season was truly a toast to how much potential this team has, as well as its great plans for the future of Philadelphia baseball.