On The Road To Victory: Philadelphia Eagles Secure First 2022 Playoff Win

The Philadelphia Eagles have officially returned to the forefront of football prowess. After several unfortunate ends to their postseason runs recently, they have secured the first seed and the most sacks.  The birds are flying their way to victory once more as the Super Bowl draws nearer and nearer.

The divisional round of the playoffs was a landslide victory for the Eagles against the New York Giants, putting them in a magnificent position for the remainder of their postseason this year. The round ended with a score of 38-7 Eagles. Offensively, the Philly run game totaled 268 yards. Defensively, the New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones was not shown a shred of mercy: he was forced into a turnover at the beginning of the game, was sacked five times, and the Giants offense did not score any points in the first half.

Jalen Hurts’ shoulder was injured prior to this game, and it is believed that this took place during their week 15 victory against the Chicago Bears. However, his outstanding performance with the Eagles offensive line instantaneously put any concerns about him to rest. He had an impressive game with two touchdown passes, 154 yards, and no interceptions. 

As the Philadelphia Eagles continue to soar their way through any competition, the future of their 2022 postseason looks incredibly bright. Philly fans all around the world can continue chanting “Fly, Eagles, Fly!”