Martin and Martin Make Comedy Gold


Will Heath/NBC

Steve Martin and Martin Short presenting their opening monologue.

On December 10, 2022, Steve Martin and Martin Short hosted “Saturday Night Live.”  The episode included a hilarious opening monologue in which they read each other’s eulogies and a sketch that parodied “White Christmas.” They even performed a sketch in which they portrayed their nostalgic characters from the hit 1991 movie, “Father of the Bride.” 


The iconic duo hosted the sketch show where they both began their careers.  This was Martin Short’s third time hosting and Steve Martin’s sixteenth time hosting.  This is not the first time SNL has had more than one person host the show.  Joe Montana and Walter Payton hosted a season 12 episode, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hosted in season 29 and Michael Palin and his mother even hosted an episode during season 9.  This wasn’t even Steve Martin and Martin Short’s first time hosting together, as they hosted with Chevy Chase back in season 12 to promote their movie, “Three Amigos.”  


Their friendship began as they worked on “Three Amigos” back in 1986.  This was just the beginning of their decade-long relationship.  Since then, they have gone on to star in projects alongside each other such as “Father of the Bride” and “The Prince of Egypt.”  


They have also found success in their latest comedy series, “Only Murders in the Building,” which stars both men and Selena Gomez.  The Hulu series follows three true crime lovers investigating a murder that has occurred in their own building.  This series has had wonderful public reception and it brings the Short and Martin friendship to a new generation of people.  There are 2 seasons out thus far and a third season of the show has already been confirmed.  


The duo is not limiting themselves to the screen. They will embark on a North American tour in 2023 called “You Won’t Believe What They Look Like Today.”  The tour will make stops in Orlando, Chicago, and even Philadelphia at the Academy of Music.  


It seems as though people cannot get enough of the Martin duo.  When audiences get to see their authenticity and the two lifelong friends having fun, it feels like a breath of fresh air.  It helps that the pair are legitimately friends, since everything in the entertainment industry can feel very transactional and businesslike.  When watching such an authentic act, it makes the audience feel like they really know the duo and makes them much more relatable.  


It is clear that whatever these best friends set their minds to next, audiences will be waiting to tune in given their timeless charm and humor.