Family Reunion: The True Blink-182 Is Back



A screenshot from the music video “Edging.”

The San Diego-born power trio Blink-182 has just made history by introducing their original guitarist and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge back into the band.

DeLonge departed from Blink following major creative differences among the three musicians in the early 2000s. Bassist and co-vocalist, Mark Hoppus, and drummer, Travis Barker, continued to embrace the pop punk style that characterized the band since it began. DeLonge, on the other hand, wanted to explore heavier topics and throw more moodiness into their music. This disagreement evolved into the band going on indefinite hiatus in 2005, and ended with DeLonge cutting himself off from the band completely in 2015.

For most of the past decade, DeLonge’s place has been substituted by Matt Skiba, the founder of the band Alkaline Trio. Blink’s lineup during this time was Skiba on guitar and co-vocals, along with Hoppus and Barker. While Skiba’s work with the band was well-received, Blink fans worldwide were craving what made the band truly special. That missing link was DeLonge.

Since day one, Blink-182 has represented punk rockers worldwide. Formed in San Diego in 1992, they were just three skateboarding, mischievous, rebellious teenagers with endless musical influences. Those include The Descendents, The Cure, NOFX, and dozens of other punk bands that were topping charts during this era.

At the time of their formation, the band consisted of Hoppus, DeLonge, and their original drummer, Scott Raynor. At the time, Hoppus was 20, DeLonge was 17, and Raynor was only 14. Through the years and all of their lineup changes, they would release music that changed the punk scene forever. Not only that, but entertainment, in general, would never be the same without Blink’s influence. 

Blink released their brand-new single “Edging” on October 14, 2022, their first project to feature DeLonge since their “Dogs Eating Dogs” EP in 2012. Alongside this release came a thrilling music video, which blended masterfully with the musical contents of the song. Together, the single and its video flaunt the band’s punk background in the exhilarating fashion that fans have been waiting for. It is absolutely worth checking out.