The Sanderson Sisters Return in “Hocus Pocus 2”



Official movie poster for “Hocus Pocus 2.”

Everyone knows and loves the Salem sisters from “Hocus Pocus.” Their witty sense of humor and craving for children is just silly and makes the audience smile. Overall, “Hocus Pocus” is a classic family movie and is great for kids around Halloween, but “Hocus Pocus 2” differs significantly from the original, despite having similar concepts. Regardless, it was nice for the audience to see the Sanderson sisters strike again. 


The leads of the film include Bette Midler (Winifred Sanderson), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Sanderson), Kathy Najimy (Mary Sanderson), and Whitney Peak (Becca). Winifred, staying true to her character, is the leader of the trio of Sanderson sisters, while the other two follow her lead and carry out her orders. 


The story begins with a flashback from the Sanderson sisters’ memory. This particular scene gives a little background information about how the sisters became witches. It then takes us back to the present day and follows a young teen named Becca and her friends, Izzy and Cassie. The girls accidentally light a magic candle that brings back the witches of Salem who want to wreak havoc on the town and get revenge on the mayor. To stop them, the three friends have to overcome many obstacles and face the dark magic of the witches head-on. Along the way, they need the help of their friend, Gilbert, and Billy Butcherson, a zombie. 


Compared to the original, the events felt a little scattered and the plot was somewhat poor. Although the three Sanderson sisters did make the audience chuckle every now and then, the overall acting was not up to par. If you’re someone who is looking for a fun Halloween movie for the family, it might be best to stick to the original “Hocus Pocus.”