Overwatch 2: The Worst Game Launch in History


Blizzard Entertainment

“Overwatch 2” Poster

On October 4, 2022, Blizzard, the game’s developing company, released “Overwatch 2,” a sequel to the fan favorite “Overwatch,” which won Game of the Year in 2016. The developers had originally created the sequel because of the lack of storage remaining in the main game’s files. With a newly upgraded storage system, they were able to create a myriad of content. These include 3 new characters, 8 new maps to fight on, and a whole new game mode. 

Unfortunately, not many were appreciative of the new changes as they weren’t even able to play the game. Players were denied access to the game’s servers because of an extreme number of people getting on to it at once; one would sit in a queue for a lobby and then be kicked to the back of the line and/or be booted out of the game entirely. Even if you were lucky enough to log in, you would still have to face more issues. These included most of your items not transferring over to “Overwatch 2” from the original and being randomly removed from games.  These and various other issues are what marked it a very bad game launch, especially for Blizzard since they are known for their game launches. Their launches had been phenomenal for their previous games such as “Overwatch” and “Diablo,” with both receiving a high number of players within the first week of play. 

Problems went on for 3 days after the initial release and as many aggravated gamers do, they went to Twitter and presented the issue to the official Overwatch 2 Twitter. Within 2 days after these reports the developers were finally able to fix one of the problems and in doing so, caused 5 other problems to occur. With the login problem dealt with, a new issue arose: some characters were locked and had no way of being played. Many were outraged. While the community waited for their game to be back online they decided to create memes alluding to the game’s unfortunate and terrible launch. These soothed many wounds with laughs as the development team worked around the clock. Finally, they were able to resolve the obstacles and the servers started accepting every player that logged on. 

After about a week and a half, “Overwatch 2” was finally free-to-play for all. As of October 23, all of the issues surrounding the game have been resolved and many are enjoying the new sequel to their beloved game of 6 years. If you want to check out the game yourself, you can do so on Blizzard’s website.