Slay or Nay?: Met Gala 2022

On May 2, 2022, the Met Gala served some good (and bad) looks on some of our favorite celebrities. This month, it is our job to decide which ones “slayed” and which ones did not. Welcome to the first-ever Slay or Nay?: Met Gala edition!For fairness purposes, we created a rubric to see how we could decide if something “slayed.” There are five sections of the rubric and every section gets a point. Getting to 3 points makes an official “slay,” and less than would make a “nay.” This article is made just for fun; we mean no slander to the actual designers or celebrities.

The sections for the rubric are:
-Coordination: Does it match with the theme of gilded glamor?


-Does it look good?


-Does it break the status quo or what we expect?

Kim Kardashian: 3.5 SLAY
Kim Kardashian’s Marilin Monroe-inspired dress not only matched the theme but also looked amazing and was a creative twist on modern fashion and history. Where it lost points was with the little to no flamboyance and it succeeding any expectations.

Kylie Jenner: 3.25 SLAY
Although barely matching the theme, Kylie Jenner’s outfit made a flamboyant statement at the gala. Although the hat has been put up for debate, the general outfit looks good on her. The outfit is generally creative and makes it to slay status.

Blake Lively: 3.75 SLAY
With a stunning dress and flamboyant presence, Blake lively came to the Met Gala ready to slay. Her quick change on the red carpet was absolutely unexpected, although the theme had only a little resemblance after the transformation to blue.

Fredrik Robertsson: 4.0 SLAY
Fredrick Robertsson walked onto the red carpet ready to make audiences’ jaws hit the floor. Although his outfit wasn’t connected to the theme as much, he came in with stunning makeup and an outfit design that made him look like a walking sculpture.

Lizzo: 4.5 SLAY
With vague connections to the theme, Lizzo came to the gala with her flute in hand and a level of confidence that has come to be associated with her presence. The outfit was stunning and her large cape was something that is not often seen in these kinds of outfits.

Bad Bunny: 2.5 NAY
With little to no connection to the theme, Bad Bunny came in with a style that could have looked better. Although it is an unconventional outfit for a man at the Met Gala, it was still not as interesting as it could have been.

Amy Schumer: 0.75 NAY
With no connection to the theme, little to no creativity, and an outfit that isn’t particularly interesting, Amy Schumer received a score of 0.75 on our rubric. Although the sunglasses were nice, the outfit, in general, did not have many interesting aspects.

Winnie Harlow: 3.75 SLAY
Without matching the theme, Winnie Harlow was able to slay in many ways. Her outfit promoted body positivity and was flamboyant and interesting. This creative look matches her very well and deserves the slay.

Alisha keys: 4.125 SLAY
While being very correlated to the theme, Alisha Keys looked amazing and expressed her love for her city. The creativity for the outfit is amazing and interesting to look at.

Billie Eilish: 3.5 SLAY
Billie Eilish’s look this year not only was perfectly on theme, but it was also creative and interesting. Although the colors chosen for her outfit were faded and not the best for the outfit, Billie Eilish was one of the only people on this list that fully matched the theme.

This concludes this edition of Slay or Nay?: Met Gala Edition!