Class of 2022 Visits The Happiest Place on Earth


Renisha Parikh

Cherokee seniors recently visited Disney on their senior trip.

After two years of the pandemic stripping away senior activities, the class of 2022 was finally able to visit Disney. Many seniors, however, decided not to go due to COVID-19. Because of this, the number of seniors who went to Disney this year is the lowest compared to previous years. 

Although Disney was fully reopened, a lot of precautions were taken in order to prevent COVID-19 cases from increasing on the trip. Masks had to be worn at all times in Disney transportation and the bus drivers had the right to not let someone enter if they refused to wear one. Some rides also limited the amount of people who could enter and some even halved their maximum capacity. 

Even though these new rules were being enforced, that didn’t stop the lines from being long. Some things at Disney never change, and it will always be “the happiest place on earth.”