Dove Cameron’s Return: She’s A Better Boyfriend Than Him

On Feb. 11, 2022, “Liv and Maddie” star Dove Cameron released her newest and much-awaited single “Boyfriend.”

Her music career has flourished in recent years, and the double threat’s unique way of creating a buzz around her song utilized her platform of 8.2+ million followers on TikTok, the popular social media app. Cameron released a snippet of her song in January of 2022 through her TikTok account by recording a 9-second clip of the chorus and slyly inquiring to her followers in the caption if she should release it. The response was immediate, and millions of fans (including other artists, influencers, and content creators) begged her to release the hit. Cameron teased her fans for many weeks as they waited and yearned for the drop of the powerful song. Many creators used her song to create videos of themselves transitioning into dressed-up looks and usually with powerful makeup and lighting. The trend took over TikTok, and exciting news followed: The Disney star announced the release of the song to finally be dropped on all platforms at midnight on Friday, Feb. 11 after almost a month of waiting. Her fans were ecstatic after waiting excitedly for the full version to drop. 

The song was a hit immediately and less than a week later, it held various spots on the hit lists of many music streaming platforms. “Confident” singer Demi Lovato praised the song the day it came out in an Instagram story, which Cameron reposted, expressing gratitude for the support. Many more celebs and even more influencers are loving the newest hit from Cameron. Her social media hints at more projects in the works, and our eyes are searching all over the world for a “better boyfriend than him.” Stream Dove Cameron’s newest single “Boyfriend,” made available on all musical platforms now