Cherokee’s 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year: Mr. Mehigan


Dave Haney

Heath & Physical Education Teacher Mr. PJ Mehigan has been named Cherokee’s Teacher of the Year

Mr. Mehigan is one of many great teachers here at Cherokee. His success is shown on the field, court, and in the classroom. Mr. Mehigan was named Teacher of the Year for the 2022-2023 school year in recognition of his efforts.

Mr. Mehigan is a Health and Physical Education teacher at Cherokee. He not only teaches those subjects, but he is also the coordinator of the Health and Physical Education department. Mr. Mehigan was the head coach of the Cherokee football team for sixteen seasons, with a career record of 134-41, and his hard work as a coach helped the Chiefs win five sectional titles.

This year, Mr. Mehigan coached the freshman girls basketball team and has helped provide his athletes with a great season and a record of 7-10. All the players have agreed that they have learned something new everyday, become better teammates, and have had a lot of fun with his help. The program is very thankful to have gained a great coach.

The team’s starting shooting guard Megan Butler-Wiliams (’25) says, “Coach Mehigan is an amazing individual. He truly cares about his players and shows that every single day at practice and games. He could brighten up anyone’s day. Aside from being a great coach, he’s overall just a good person. He is so kind and is full of great life lessons and advice. I know that I could always go to Mr. Mehigan for anything. I’m so thankful he’s coaching my basketball season.”

Furthermore, the starting center Maddie Italiano (’25) states, “Coach Mehigan is not just an amazing coach but an amazing person. He is so kind and caring and is so good with the team… He is very patient and cares about all of his players so much. He is understanding of everything and not only is he helping me become a better basketball player and athlete but a better person.”

Many students, athletes, and other faculty members have been impacted by Mr. Mehigan’s kindness. He provides leadership, guidance, and makes being in the classroom, on the court, or on the field a great place to be. Most importantly, Mr. Mehigan exemplifies what it means to be Teacher of the Year.