Trying Out “On My Block”

For those who are interested in teen dramas, Netflix’s “On My Block” might be the show for you. The show first aired on Mar. 16, 2018, and ended on Oct. 4, 2021. The show lasted for 4 seasons and can be rewatched on Netflix.

Season 1 was mainly about a group of four teens growing up in a town called Freeride. The town is known for being very dangerous and being a host to many vigilantes. The main characters Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar attempt to stay out of trouble while at times having to work with or against the organizations that try to foster chaos across town.

One organization that is put in the spotlight of the show is the Santos. Cesars’ brother is the leader of the Santos and throughout the series, they try to bring him into the group. At first, he seems to resist the temptations of joining the group but towards the end of season 3 you can find him failing to resist any longer and he becomes a new member of the crew.

However, the only “good guys” truly portrayed in the show are the four teens. The Santos can sometimes be seen as the “good guys” when it comes to the Prophets who are seen as the “bad guys.” This happens especially when the four main characters (with the help of Oscar who is Cesar’s brother) take down the prophets in season 2 with the roller world money.