Mask Up to Decrease the Surge in COVID Cases

These past few years have been incomprehensible. The coronavirus disease (COVID) pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. Over 5,500,000 people have already died, and COVID cases are rising. To decrease the surge in cases, individuals need to take precautions, starting with wearing a mask. 

The CDC has recommended that all individuals wear masks owing to the fact that it reduces the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain viruses like COVID and its variants (currently omicron) produced by coughing, sneezing, talking, or even breathing. Wearing masks also prevents one from inhaling these droplets through their nose or mouth. 

However, some people physically cannot wear a mask due to being too young or having respiratory problems. Another reason for the mask-wearing decline is risk compensation. Risk compensation is a theory that suggests that people change their behavior in response to their environmental risk levels. In this case, people stop wearing masks because they feel less in danger after receiving the COVID vaccine. Many people often think that the vaccine will prevent them from getting COVID. 

In reality, the vaccine merely reduces symptoms of COVID. So, people need to wear masks to prevent getting COVID and suffering from its symptoms and post symptoms. The decision to wear a mask could save your life. It could also save many others’ lives and prevent you from spreading the disease if you are asymptomatic. 

This disease has taken many lives, and families are mourning the loss of loved ones dying from it. By just wearing a mask, you could ensure that you and those around you are safe during this difficult time.