Alec Baldwin and the Shooting On the Set of “Rust”

Alec Baldwin, actor and producer known for portraying Donald Trump on SNL and voice acting in “Boss Baby,” shot a live bullet from a prop gun, killing cinematographer Haylana Hutchins and grazing director Joel Souza on the set of the upcoming film, “Rust.” Currently claiming an accidental discharge, Alec Baldwin has caught himself in a predicament that seems unprecedented. 

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to controversy. There have been times in his career where he hasn’t given himself the best name. A now-infamous voicemail was leaked where he calls his then 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, a “rude thoughtless little pig.” Baldwin has also been to court for harassment charges after punching a man in an argument over a parking spot. However, Baldwin has been able to fall into the shadows of the media the past few years, citing his lack of interest in Hollywood and the need to rekindle a relationship with his family as the reason for his disappearance. 

In an all-exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos and ABC News, Baldwin recounts how the set of “Rust” actually brought his interest in making and acting in movies back to life: “I sat on that bench, and I said, ‘This movie has made me love making movies again.’” 

Hours after his silent revelation, the set is filled with the sound of a single gunshot. This gunshot will leave Haylana Hutchins dead, and Joel Souza injured.

The main question on everyone’s minds right now is “Who did it?” According to Alec Baldwin, he believes that the responsibility shouldn’t be placed on him. When questioned by Stephanopoulos if he feels any guilt, Baldwin responds, “No. no. I might have killed myself if I thought I was responsible, and I don’t say that lightly.” He was told on set that he was being given a “cold gun” meaning that the gun was empty or the gun was loaded with fake “dummy” rounds. Baldwin says that the blame shouldn’t be placed on him and cites the criminal investigation to speak for itself.