Top ten songs of 11/20/21

1: Easy On Me- Pk. 1

Artist: Adele

Sales: 14.6k

Streams: 23.6m

Airplay: 78.1m

*Biggest airplay gain from last week*

“Easy On Me” is the debut single for Adele’s upcoming album: “30,” which was released on November 19. After a 5 year hiatus, Adele has finally returned with new music, new life experiences, a reignited fanbase, along with a new appearance. Adele is no stranger to success. Her 2011 song, “Rolling In The Deep” became the number one song of that year. Although the sales and streaming are slowly decreasing, it has been gaining massive traction on the radio. With the release of her new album taking over everyone’s streaming platforms, it’s no question that “Easy On Me” is going to remain extremely popular for at least another couple of weeks. “Easy On Me” will appeal to anyone who enjoys ballads. “Easy On Me” remained at the number 1 position from last week.


2: Stay- Pk. 1

Artist: The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

Sales: 5.7k

Streams: 18.3m

Airplay: 87.9m

“Stay” is the debut single of The Kid LAROI’s album: “F*** Love 3: Over You,” which is a continuation of his 2020 mix-tape: “F*** Love.” “Stay” is The Kid LAROI’s biggest hit, remaining at the number one spot for seven non-consecutive weeks. Having Justin Bieber on the song really helped boost its popularity, since 7 of his previous songs have reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Since last week, its statistics have remained pretty consistent, meaning that “Stay” probably won’t return to the number one spot (considering Adele’s new album is a massive success), but it’ll still remain popular for a little while longer. “Stay” can be appreciated by anyone who enjoys synth-pop, hip pop, or pop rock. “Stay” remained at the number 2 spot from last week.


3: Industry Baby- Pk. 1

Artist: Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

Sales: 4.1k

Streams: 19.1m

Airplay: 68.9m

“Industry Baby” is the third single off of Lil Nas X’s new album: “Montero.” Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow are both relatively new artists. Lil Nas X achieved fame in 2019 with his debut hit, “Old Town Road,” which peaked at number one for 19 consecutive weeks. Harlow became known in the music industry with his 2020 hit, “What’s Poppin’,” which peaked at number two. Both artists rose to fame with the social media app, TikTok, which is geared towards people in the younger generation. Like “Stay,” its numbers have remained very consistent, so it’ll most likely not rise in the charts nor fall drastically in the near future. “Industry Baby” can be enjoyed by those who like pop or rap music. “Industry Baby” remained at the number 3 position from last week.


4: Bad Habits- Pk. 2

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Sales: 6.8k

Streams: 9.6m

Airplay: 65.5m

“Bad Habits” is the debut single off of Ed Sheeran’s new album: “=.” Released on June 25, “Bad Habits” has evolved from a summer hit to a fall hit. This indicates its longevity in popularity. Sheeran is also no stranger to success, with his biggest hit, “Shape Of You,” peaking at number one for 12 non-consecutive weeks. Sheeran’s success has spanned for over a decade now, and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Although his album was released a few weeks ago, its streaming and sales numbers have fallen drastically and its radio run is slowly declining. “Bad Habits” is starting to show its age, and it may be replaced by newer songs in the near future. “Bad Habits” will appeal to those who enjoy dance pop or synth pop music. “Bad Habits” ascended one spot from last week and originally ranked at number 5.


5: Shivers- Pk. 5

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Sales: 13.0k

Streams: 12.3m

Airplay: 45.4m

“Shivers” is the second single off of Sheeran’s new album: “=.” Sheeran is unique in this case because he is currently the only artist with more than one song in the top 10. Unlike “Bad Habits,” its numbers have been more consistent. Airplay continues to grow, and its sales and streams have not decreased as drastically as “Bad Habits” did. Since this is a newer song, there is more hope for success in the future than “Bad Habits” (which has been around since June). Although “Shivers” probably won’t conquer Adele, or even Kid Laroi, it might still rise in the charts in the future. “Shivers” will appeal to those who listen to dance-pop music. “Shivers” ascended one spot from last week. It originally ranked at number 6.


6: One Right Now- Pk. 6

Artist: Post Malone & The Weeknd

Sales: 12.8k

Streams: 17.3m

Airplay: 23.3m

*Most popular debut single this week*

“One Right Now” by Post Malone and The Weeknd, is the second single off of Post Malone’s upcoming fourth album. This does not have a title yet. This signifies Post Malone’s big comeback because he has not released a song that charted this high since “Circles,” which was released in 2019 and reached the number one spot. Both artists have their previous successes, but The Weeknd has been most relevant. He scored 6 top 10 singles this year alone. It’s hard to tell whether “One Right Now” will continue to rise in popularity or immediately fall out of the top 10, but we do know that Post Malone is back in the music industry and is ready to compete against other musicians, such as Adele, Lil Nas X and Ed Sheeran. “One Right Now” will appeal to those who enjoy synth-pop or electropop music. “One Right Now” debuted on the Hot 100 this week.


7: Fancy Like- Pk. 3

Artist: Walker Hayes

Sales: 11.4k

Streams: 14.3m

Airplay: 40.5m

“Fancy Like” is the debut single off of Walker Hayes’ EP: “Country Stuff.” “Fancy Like” is the first song by Hayes to peak in the top 40 in the US. This specific song gained recognition by the growing country music fan base. Many consist of teenagers and young adults. Although its statistics remain high compared to other songs, “Fancy Like” continues to decrease in all 3 channels, and could leave the top 10 soon if this trend continues. This song will appeal to those who enjoy country pop or country rap. “Fancy Like” descended two spots from last week, originally ranking at number 5.


8: Smokin Out The Window- Pk. 8

Artist: Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak)

Sales: 9.3k

Streams: 21.0m

Airplay: 5.9m

“Smokin’ Out The Window” is the third single off of Silk Sonic’s debut album: “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” Although Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak have been solo artists in the music industry for years, this year is the first time where they are releasing music as a duo. Bruno Mars has a long history with success, with songs such as “Locked Out of Heaven” and “That’s What I Like” reaching the number one spot on the Hot 100. “Smokin’ Out The Window” is also helped by the success of their previous hit, “Leave The Door Open,” which reached number one as well. Their debut album was just released last week, so that helped “Smokin’ Out The Window” debut so high on the Hot 100. It is unclear if “One Right Now” will rise or fall on the charts in the coming weeks, but we do know that Silk Sonic is yet another powerhouse in the music industry. “Smokin’ Out The Window” can be enjoyed by those who listen to R&B music. “Smokin’ Out The Window” debuted on the hot 100 this week.  


9: Need To Know- Pk. 8

Artist: Doja Cat

Sales: 3.0k

Streams: 12.6m

Airplay: 52.0m

“Need To Know” is the third single off of Doja Cat’s album: “Planet Her.” Doja Cat, much like Lil Nas X, is a fairly new artist. She gained recognition in early 2020 with her breakout hit: “Say So.” Also like Lil Nas X, she gained fame and recognition through TikTok. It’s no surprise that Doja Cat is achieving so much success in the charts right now, since she just hosted The VMAs a couple months ago. The only question remaining is if “Need To Know” will peak higher than her previous hit, “Kiss Me More” (which peaked at number 3). Its numbers have remained pretty consistent, so Doja Cat will need to really promote this song if she wants it to rise any higher on the charts. “Need To Know” is made for people who enjoy contemporary music. “Need To Know” descended one spot from last week and was originally ranked at number 8.


10: Heat Waves- Pk. 10

Artist: Glass Animals

Sales: 3.5k

Streams: 14.9m

Airplay: 36.0m

“Heat Waves,” by the English indie rock band, Glass Animals, is the 4th single off of their latest album: “Dreamland.” Although they have been releasing music since 2012, “Heat Waves” is their first big hit. It is on the top 10 in more than 10 countries and it peaked all the way at number one in Australia. Although “Heat Waves” was mainly popular back in the spring, it has just recently gained traction in the US and it finally reached the top 10 in the US this week. Although Glass Animals didn’t have any hits prior to “Heat Waves,” its previous success in other countries might make it another contender for the next number one spot. Although it has significantly increased in airplay, it still remains at number ten due to it being overshadowed by newer songs with higher statistics. “Heat Waves” is for people who like to listen to pop or R&B music. “Heat Waves” remained at the number 10 position from last week.