Do Football Players Get Overpaid?

Football: America’s Game. This game never fails to captivate and excite audiences.  The players in the NFL make a great deal of money from funding from T.V deals. This has led to the debate: Do football players get overpaid? After further research, it is evident that they are not.

Most players need to multitask their football training and various other tasks. High school football players are expected to juggle at least two hours of homework and studying with practice and games. One source stated, “I stay up ‘til like 12 doing homework and studying for tests.”

In addition, the injuries the football players undergo justify the amount they get paid. According to, 4 out of 10 players suffer from severe injuries. Every time they step on that field, they are putting themselves and their careers at risk. These players dedicate their bodies to this sport and should be paid generously for it. 

These players also dedicate a significant amount of time and effort in their performance for the audience’s enjoyment and satisfaction. They must go through vigorous training sessions and must dodge many obstacles, metaphorically and physically. According to, these players put over 40 hours of time and effort into practice, workouts, studies, and game time each week.

Furthermore, professional players must pay a great deal of taxes. The amount of money they are required to pay in taxes makes the amount of money they get paid reasonable. On average, football players must pay $726,525 in the form of taxes out of $20 million per season.  

Not only do these players go through physical stress, but they also go through mental stress. They experience pre-game anxiety and cope with the stress that comes with committing to football.

After digging deep into the lives of football players, the money these players take in is  reasonable. This job requires a tremendous amount of commitment, time, effort, and sacrifices, and they should be paid fairly for it.