A Look At “A Quiet Place Part II”

A Quiet Place Part II Poster


“A Quiet Place Part II” Poster

I’m sure everyone has heard of the movie “A Quiet Place” before. In case you haven’t, it’s basically a movie where these “alien” creatures arrive on Earth by a meteor and kill anything that makes any noise. The movie follows the Abbott family as they try to survive in silence while finding a way to kill these creatures. (Spoilers ahead) At the end of the movie, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) actually kills one of the creatures by stunning it with a high-frequency sound and kills it with a shotgun. With more creatures on the move to the Abbott’s house from the shotgun blast, Evelyn pumps the shotgun and prepares for more. This leads us to the trailer for “A Quiet Place Part II

Right as the title card ends in the trailer, we are greeted with a couple of roadside shops. After this, we cut to a shot of Lee walking into a pharmacy to grab some items when a TV broadcast about the meteor from the previous movie catches his eye. We can infer from these first 30 seconds that there will be flashbacks to explain how these monsters took over the town/world. We then cut to a scene where flat-out chaos is happening everywhere as Lee grabs his deaf daughter, Regan, and sprints out of there. 

After giving us a very, very brief explanation of what exactly happened, we finally see how the Abbott family is holding up. Not only is everyone filled with grief for the death of Lee, but they also have a baby to carry around. They’re seen walking on a sand path that suddenly ends. With a quick thought from Evelyn, she takes her step on the crunchy leaves and continues their journey. This scene says a lot about the movie. The sand path ending and Evelyn taking her step on the leaves symbolizes how they’re ready to continue and start again, since they now have a way to kill these monsters and protect themselves. 

Now, it’s obvious that there are other survivors from the very first trailer. We see two men and children, but we don’t know if they are a family or not. It appears that these people are running experiments on these monsters by testing on one in a lab. It also looks like they know what they’re doing because they have safety pods that they can climb in and prevent the monsters from getting them. The last bit of knowledge we know is that these people are peaceful with the Abbotts for the most part, but they would rather stay safe than help Evelyn go out and help other survivors.

After a lot of hype from the trailers and all this waiting due to COVID-19, many are excited and anxious for part 2. “A Quiet Place Part II” comes out on May 28 — only in theaters, which might cause a problem for some. However, with the number of people getting vaccinated and social distancing, it may not be a problem after all. But just before you get ready to buy tickets and get your popcorn, make sure to watch the first movie to make sure you’re up to date with the events in the series created by John Krasinski.