Cherokee Foundation for Education: Helping Students Succeed

The members of the Cherokee Foundation for Education are the background heroes here at Cherokee High School. In February 2010, the educational non-profit 501 (c)(3) was formed. Its goal is to bridge the gap in terms of financial support to help Cherokee students reach their academic goals.

While the Foundation assists clubs with materials, it also helps teachers in gaining more materials for the classroom and supports them financially. Since 2017, the Foundation has helped pay for school trips, like the Art department’s trip to the Barnes Foundation and the Concert Band’s performance at the Kimmel Center, new technology, scholarships, and so much more. Specifically for Scout, our school newspaper, the Foundation pays for the internet platform of our website and covers the fees and renewals that go with it. 

Current Treasurer Lisa Michaud was most proud of purchasing 10 TI-nspire calculators that get signed out to students who don’t have the financial means to buy their own. 

She says that “technology should be universally available to all students. So this one was one that I was particularly proud of.” 

Related to this, the Foundation also purchased rovers and hubs to be used with TI-nspire calculators. Those who went to the 2020 Craft Show may have seen them in action. The rovers and hubs help put math into motion and teach students coding, design, STEM material and robotics information. 

“It is a very rewarding experience.

— Lisa Michaud, Treasurer of the Foundation for Education

To fund these projects, the Foundation holds raffles, craft shows, dining nights out, free college funding seminars, and accepts donations big or small. Like many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them, too. It has greatly diminished their fundraising efforts.

They greatly encourage parents to join as active members of the Foundation and help with their fundraising efforts.

They say that “it takes minimal time but provides a great reward.”

Community members, legal guardians, business owners, and teachers are also invited to become involved.

Michaud says that “It is a very rewarding experience.”


More Information:

President, Cherokee Foundation for Education: Deb Valvo

Co-President, Cherokee Foundation for Education: Lisa Fuchs

Treasurer, Cherokee Foundation for Education: Lisa Michaud

Email: [email protected]


Amazon Smile: Go to and search Cherokee Foundation for Education, select them as your charity, and a portion of all Amazon purchases will be donated directly to the organization.