From Chromebook to Cherokee: Cohorts Are Combined

A long-awaited change has finally occurred at Cherokee High School: the combining of the two hybrid cohorts. Cohorts A and B, previously rotating (with the exception of fully-remote Cohort C), have now been combined into one. This gives students the exciting opportunity to go to school in-person every day, an option not previously offered this year. If students choose to remain fully-remote however, as many have, they still have the option to do so by remaining in Cohort C. 

The news of this change has had diverse effects. Many students that were previously fully-remote have decided to start coming back, presumably to interact with friends in their opposite cohort who they haven’t seen before in the classroom this year. This has spurred the creation of a “waiting list” that many students are now put on before they can be approved to return to Cherokee. This measure ensures that the halls are not suddenly overcrowded, and that safety and social distancing protocols for COVID can still be followed. 

Students who wish to return to school can contact their counselors to do so, but they may have to spend some time on the waiting list first. Additionally, students who want to take the sudden plunge into in-person learning should keep in mind that they will have to start showing up every day, bright and early. For some who have grown accustomed to the comforts of learning at home, this may be a difficult (but perhaps ultimately rewarding) adjustment.