How Covid-19 Has Changed “The Most Magical Place on Earth”

Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando, Florida, is most notable for its unique attractions, excellent dining, themed hotels, high crowd sizes and even higher prices. In a perfect world Disney would be operating as usual, but a worldwide, deadly pandemic exists. To keep everyone safe, Disney had to modify everything. So how exactly does Disney World still manage to keep everyone safe and happy, despite Covid-19?

Before the pandemic shut everything down, Disney World only had to close eight times during its 49 years of operation. Most of the previous closures have been for hurricanes, with the exception of September 11, 2001. So it was unprecedented that Disney had to close for over a day, let alone four months. Fortunately for all Disney lovers, Disney World is (partially) back open to the public. It officially reopened on July 15, 2020.

Guests still need to follow many safety guidelines in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. For example, guests are required to wear face masks, go through temperature checks and keep socially distanced to prevent the virus from spreading anywhere on Disney property. Also, reservations are required to enter the theme parks in order for Disney to moderate crowd sizes. In addition to this, park hopping is limited, park hours are shortened, and parades, fireworks, and character meet-and-greets aren’t available. This may all sound disappointing, but the majority of Disney World is open.

Pandemic or not, Walt Disney World has never failed to keep its guests entertained. Although these modifications aren’t necessarily ideal, they are essential in order to keep everyone safe and happy. People all over the world are still eager to visit the most magical place on earth, and some are even visiting in the middle of Covid-19. Hopefully, as the pandemic starts to become less life-threatening, Disney World can reopen fully and offer guests a normal experience.     

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