Cherokee Choir on the Radio

For most students, chorus is a means of escape from the pressures of high school. It is a place where students can be creative through performing at concerts and invitational events. 

However, the Coronavirus pandemic changed everything. Since the pandemic started, the choir has been unable to rehearse collectively because of Covid restrictions in the school. 

“I never expected my graduating year to be like this,” said Lauren Miro, the Girls Ensemble President, “I miss seeing my friends and singing in choir.”

Despite the setbacks, the choir director, Mrs. Snodgrass took the initiative to enter the Cherokee Girls Ensemble into the B101 Christmas Choir Competition, which lifted the choir’s spirits.

Mayci Worrell, a member of the Girls Ensemble, said she was “very excited because it was something to do and work for every day. It wasn’t the same old routine. It was something different.” 

Due to the pandemic, the choir could not meet together in-person. However, through Google Meets and the help of Mrs. Snodgrass, the choir members learned and perfected their parts to the song “Jingle Bell Rock.” When rehearsals ended, each member recorded her part. These recordings were combined through countless hours of video and audio editing to create a final recording.  

After a month of waiting, it was announced that Girls Ensemble made it to the semifinal round of the competition and had their song played on the radio.

Anna Nguyen, a Girls Ensemble-member, said “It was a magical experience hearing our choir on air—it was even better knowing that everyone worked so hard to make this possible!”

Despite the pandemic forcing the choir apart, music and song connected them.