Wellness Room for Mental Health

Starting this year in the counseling center of the south building of Cherokee High School, there is a room designated for mental health called the Wellness Room. It is run by Mrs. Caputo, Dr. Cariss, and Mrs. Fourney. This room is aimed at improving students’ mental health through mindfulness, self-care, and balancing stress. 

The Wellness Room is a judgment-free zone to help students feel calm and release stress. In this room, there are art supplies, adult coloring books, journals, and quotes to help students when they need a mental health break from school. Along with those supplies, once a week, a therapy dog visits the room.

The Wellness Room is a designated space where students can come to help manage stress, practice self-care, and take a mental break when needed.  Being a teen today isn’t easy and we recognize many of the challenges and difficulties.  The intention is for students to identify when they feel stress building and come to the Wellness Room to prevent the stress from escalating and learn healthy ways to manage it.  Students can come for brief periods to help clear their minds so they are ready for their next class,” according to Mrs. Caputo.

With the ongoing pandemic, students have had trouble maintaining good mental health. That is one of the many reasons why this room is an important addition to our school. For further information, contact Mrs. Fourney, Dr. Cariss, or Mrs. Caputo at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] respectively.