The Future of Television

It seems as though hardly anyone still has or frequently uses cable television. Why would you want to when you can get Netflix for $9 a month, Disney+ for $7, or many other streaming platforms like Hulu, AppleTV, and Roku all for around the same price? Especially when the average American cable bill is over $200 a month. 

In true 2020 fashion, it seemed like the Charlie Brown Holiday Specials would never air on television again after being acquired by AppleTV, but thankfully that is no longer the case and the holiday tradition can live on another year. This brings the question of how many years are left until every program is converted to a streaming platform? 

Streaming platforms have also brought about “binge culture” and many Gen Z and Millennials can attest to watching an entire series in a matter of days. It is difficult to imagine only being able to watch one episode a week. This also means that many shows such as The Office or Friends have a new generation of fans.

Cable and Live Television certainly appear to be declining markets, with the number of households in the US with cable subscriptions decreasing like never before. And yet, we are in a golden age of television with a plethora of critically acclaimed shows all available at the same time. So while cable may be fading out of style, there is definitely plenty of entertainment to go around.