How to Find Your Personal Style


1. Find an Inspiration: One of the easiest ways to pinpoint your style is to find an inspiration for what you want your closet to resemble. Whether it be a person, a store, or even a movie, finding at least one concrete figure is a great way to start realizing what you adore in a look. Then ask yourself, what is it about their style that you like? What clothing pieces are your favorites? Once you answer these, keep on moving forward with that momentum! Shop around for similar pieces and I guarantee some more items you love will appear. Start small. Once you find that fashion icon you aspire to resemble, you are already 50% closer to attaining your dream style!


2. Have an Open Mind: It is hard to discover yourself when you’re always in your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to shop at different stores that you normally wouldn’t shop at whether they are online, in a mall, or different thrift stores so you can explore what you like and avoid dropping some serious coin.  Also having your inspiration set before you go out is helpful so you know what you are looking for and it keeps you from getting too off track.


3. Rework Your Own Closet: Now, believe me, I’m someone who cleans out her closet 2 times a month, so I get the lack of desire in looking at old, worn clothes. However, there is so much potential. One of my favorite and most beneficial tips is to make a fashion board. Whether you really print out photos or just save some favorites on an online store, it makes no difference. Find some pieces you love, then sort through your closet again for familiar ones. Acid washing, cropping, tie-dying, and upcycling can be super easy and effective to revamp your closet without paying anything! Once you are looking for a specific piece, keep an open mind, and try again. Things may appear that didn’t catch your eye before. And if your own closet isn’t working, check your mom’s! Or your dad’s, sister’s, brother’s, and even your grandparents’. Some of my absolute favorite clothes are my family’s old ones. I swear by upcycling their old clothes, and you should too!


4. Know Your Strengths: If you know you look great in a good pair of jeans or a loose t-shirt, there’s no reason to completely stray away from how you originally dressed.  Pinpoint the pieces in your closet that you feel the most confident in and envision yourself wearing it with different styles of pants or accessories that will add the little spice that the outfit once lacked. 


5. Have Fun With It: Recreating a whole wardrobe is not light work by any means. It is frustrating, can be expensive, and sometimes, it’s just tiring. So don’t stress it! Remember that it’s YOUR clothes. YOUR outfits. You are your own critic! Wear things you love and find pieces that catch your eye. Making a statement is one of my absolute favorite things to do not only because of how unique and special it looks, but because of how confident it makes me. Jump out of your comfort zone! Everyone’s eyes will be drawn to your striking outfit, guaranteed! Not wearing a certain outfit because of the worry that someone may judge you, while completely relatable, is just holding you back from reaching your full potential. Wear what you love, love what you wear, and remember, the most key and crucial part to unlocking your dream style is finding your self-confidence along the way.